Dr. Farhat Bokhari at Dubai cosmetic surgery is offering strip hair transplant course for cosmetic surgeons who want to polish their skills and specialize in the field.

The demand for Hair transplants are increasingly on the rise by people who have tried and tested numerous methods of gaining hair but in vain. Although this procedure is relatively new to Pakistan, many people with a hair loss problem are aware of it and highly requesting it.

That naturally increases the demand for veterans in the hair transplant field. To help these doctors get a smoother hand in the field- Dr. Bokhari has designed a 3 to 5 day comprehensive course that would teach everything there is to know about a hair transplant. The trainings would teach of the FUE method as well as the strip method. The strip hair transplant course would comprise the following components:

  • History of the FUT method
  • What causes hair loss
  • How the strip method works
  • Videos of the strip method would be shown
  • Live demonstrations of the strip method
  • How the grafts are cut in the strip method
  • How Implantation of the hair grafts is done
  • Post operative care of the client
  • Sterilization Techniques
  • Customer Care
  • Hands on experience of the Strip Hair Method

Other than the surgical procedure, doctors would also be trained on how to market for hair transplantation that would help to proliferate their business.

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