Hair Transplant

Hair transplant gives different look to your personality. Care is required after the procedure. Every clinic has its own instructions about the post op care. But at basic level all have same instructions to some extent.

Once you have your procedure, you will get certain medications for first few days. Anti-biotics, pain killers and sleeping pills are included usually. To prevent infection, anti-bitics are given.But the methods used in present time don’t cause infection. Anti-biotics are used as a variant of penicillin. Patient is most susceptible to infection in first four or five days.

The most usual form of pain killers is Tylenol 3. Some other medications are also provided. You don’t need use pain killers if you go to a clinic with better reputation. There is certain variation in the amount of pain killers, which varies from enough from two or three days to enough for one week.

Patients take sleeping pills to relax and sleep soundly. But these are not always needed. Some patients get worried about their new hair while sleeping. They think they will damage their new hair. For them this could be helpful. If patient uses sleeping pills, he will go into deep sleep that he will not change his posture while sleeping. Therefore he will wake up in the same position. This reduces the chance of damaging new hair transplant grafts while sleeping.

Saline water spray is recommended by some clinics. This provides moisture to the grafted area. There are some doctors who believe that moisture area heals better. But there are also some clinics that prefer to recommend dry healing. Vitamin E oil is also included in some of the treatments. This is helpful in lifting recipient scabbing and reducing the redness of the recipient area.

The contradiction between the clinics is that after how much time one should wash their new hair transplant grafts. Different clinics recommend different time. Some says you can carefully wash your hair after two or three days but others recommend waiting for two or three weeks. They say that you should not even touch the transplanted area. These clinics prefer the natural approach and believe that in the period the scabbing will come off on its own.

Regarding physical activities, clinics have mostly similar requirements. You have to avoid cardiac activities such as running and biking, for two to three weeks. This will prevent the sweating and hence you can avoid infection. These are few instructions, which you should keep in mind to avoid trouble.


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