FUE Hair Transplant Training

If you are interested in learning the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of wholesale hair transplantation training then you need good instructions, steady hands, lots of patience and tons of practice. Is it worth all that? Indeed it is—considering the advantages:

  • http://modmedhc.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/\ Scar less Hair Transplant: No linear scar at the back of the head.
  • Madīnat ‘Īsá Pain Free Hair Transplant: No pain after the procedure.
  • El Hajeb Minimum side effect Hair Transplant: No numbness at the top of the head which is common side effect with the strip method.
  • Bleeding-free Hair Transplant: Minimal bleeding compared to the Strip method.
  • Natural Results Hair Transplant: Dense placement of the grafts—more natural and denser results.

The question arises that if there are so many advantages then why every Hair Transplant surgeon is not doing the FUE procedure? It is because of the following reasons:

  1. There is a steep learning curve for the surgeon.
  2. The surgeon has to spend significant amount of time harvesting the grafts himself.
  3. The success of the results is highly technique dependent, the more skilled and experienced the surgeon –better the result.
  4. Some busy practices perform more than one Hair Transplant procedures in a day, because most of the work is done by the nurses and technicians. With FUE, since the surgeon has to spend more time harvesting the grafts, usually one procedure can be done in a day.

Most of the hair transplant training courses offer to teach the Strip method only. If you are willing to spend the time and effort to learn this modern technique of Hair Transplant surgery then it will pay off in the long run for the following two reasons:

  1. FUE Hair Transplant advantages for the patient: Patients are aware of the advantages and do not want to have pain, numbness and scars, they are shying away from the Strip method.
  2. FUE Hair Transplant advantages for the surgeon: The fee for FUE is at least 50% more than the strip method and it can be even 100% more depending upon your location and economic situation.
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