FUE Hair Transplant Training

Manual versus Mechanical Harvesting

One of the main reasons it took a long time for the FUE technique take roots is the tedious task of harvesting the grafts with manual punches. This concept was borrowed from the old plug method of harvesting.

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Although the large plug method of Hair transplantation is obsolete now, smaller punches have been used by many hair transplant surgeons throughout the World.

As the micro and mini grafts became popular because of their better and natural looking results, the punches went into disfavor.

Smaller diameter punches in the size of 1mm and 1.5 mm have been used in the FUT technique but to a lesser extent. Surgeons have tried to use the smaller punches in cases where fewer grafts were needed to avoid the scar at the back of the head.

It is a tedious procedure however and takes considerable amount of time even for a few hundred grafts. It all changed when some surgeons began to use micro motors for harvesting the grafts. These micro motors are the same which are used for dermabrasion and other similar applications.

As it became much easier to harvest the grafts with micro motors, the speed of harvesting increased and the size of the punches decreased. Some surgeons routinely use 0.8 mm and 0.7 mm punches. The training for FUE hair transplantation is very important though.

Training institutions for hair transplants are fewer however and most of the clinics or training institutions do not provide hands on training. For the training in FUE method of hair transplantation it is important for the trainee to actually do the procedure under supervision at least once. Because the angle of the punch, the depth and the speed are important.

The grafts are slender without much dermis or fat and can be placed together rather tightly. The results are a dense recipient site. This technique is particularly suitable for patients with limited hair loss and thick hair. The results can be so good that it may be difficult to recognize if there was any hair loss.

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