FUE Hair Transplant Course

The difficulty of hair loss and severe hair fall has become very common these days; almost 35% of people are noticed facing the dilemma of heavy hair loss. There are so many reasons of this problem, lots of them can be cured successfully but sometimes all the remedies and medications become fail to get rid of this problem. For this many people prefer to go for the procedure of hair transplantation, it is a surgical process which involves the replanting of the hairs on the bald areas of the head taking hair follicles from the donor site of the body.

FUE hair Transplant Course by Dubai Cosmetic Surgery:

As we have indicated that there are countless people we see around us who are facing the problem of hair fall on daily basis that is the reason Hair Transplantation surgery has become the highest growing and tremendously accepted procedure in plastic surgery. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is offering Hair Transplantation Training course for all of those doctors and medical practitioners who are planning to launch up a Hair Transplantation practice to enhance their revenue and desire to make Hair Transplantation as their major practice.

Details about This Course:

This course of hair transplantation is designed to offer comprehensive training to doctors including all aspects of hair transplant’s basic methodology and all sorts of techniques. The fundamental aim of this course is to equip the trainees with complete knowledge of the topic so that at the end of the course all the participants will be able to individually and self-assuredly carry out the entire surgical process.

Major Advantages of This Course:

The prime and most prominent features of hair transplantation course are as follows:

  • Training in small groups or separately to completely grasp the entire learning
  • Practical training experience to every trainee on real patients
  • Techniques of how to establish your own hair transplantation set up
  • Techniques of effectively market your clinic is also a major part of this training
  • Every sort of relevant material will be offered in this training course so that you can directly start your own practice
  • All type of material will be offered for your ease and guidance such as lists of related instruments, machinery and other equipments
  • The most unique feature of this training is that the trainees are also offered to avail the opportunity to carry out the procedures at our clinic under the guidance of professionals for more practical experience or if you don’t have your own separate clinic yet.

Main Elements of This Training Course:

This course of hair transplantation is consists of three major components:

    • Written stuff and teaching sessions
    • Live training session to attend the real Hair transplant procedure being performed by professionals
    • Opportunity of practical training under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced professionals when you carry out the Hair transplant process by your own
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