Hair Transplantation Training Outline

This training course offers complete training in Latest techniques of Hair Transplantation. For five days, attendants will receive training and hands on practice in Strip and FUE technique. The course will take place at a clinic allowing participants complete observation of all clinical aspects of the procedure. This will give any medical practitioner an unprecedented amount of training in our signature techniques. Graduates will gain the knowledge and practical training necessary to distinguish themselves and their clinics and provide their patients with the same results as Dr. Bokhari himself.

Day 1
  1. History of Hair Transplantation.
  2. What causes premature Hair loss?
  3. Medications to stop Hair Loss, do they work?
  4. Patient evaluation
  5. Photography in Hair Transplantation
  6. Preoperative preparation
  7. Instruments for Hair transplantation.
  8. Day of the procedure
  9. Local Anesthesia
  10. Surgical procedure
  11. Forms and paper work for Hair Transplantation
Day 2
  1. The strip method
  2. Videos of the strip method
  3. Cutting the grafts
  4. Graft preservation
  5. Implantation
  6. The Choi Implanter
  7. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
  8. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  9. Post operative care.
  10. Sterilization techniques
  11. Record keeping
  12. Customer care
Day 3
  1. Marketing for Hair Transplantation
  2. Live Demonstration of Strip Method
  3. Live Demonstration of Choi Implanter
  4. Live Demonstration of FUE method
Day 4
  1. Hands on Experience Strip method
Day 5
  1. Hands-on experience FUE method

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