If you are worried about losing you good looks as a result of hair loss then the time has come that you will have the problem sorted out. With the advent of hair transplant which is gaining remarkable fame and acceptance all over the world now getting your own hairs back is not a dream anymore. People often wonder why to go for this surgery since it is a normal phenomenon. Below given are some benefits:

  • Revives your original look that has been lost due to hair loss
  • Adds to your self confidence
  • There is a feeling of self satisfaction

By now, people are very much aware of how the surgery pertaining to hair restoration actually works and also believe that it is the one and only way of hair revival.

Nevertheless, like many other surgical procedures there are several ifs and buts related to this very type. For those who incase do not have much idea about the procedure below given are some points:

  • In the strip hair transplant, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head by making a cut which is no more than 2.5 cm wide
  • The area is closed with the help of sutures
  • The removed strip is placed under the microscope and divided into small grafts
  • Finally the grafts are implanted into hairless scalp areas

This method did obtain some very good results but the only disadvantage it has is that a linear scar is left over on the scalp. Keeping this in view another technique called FUE hair transplant was introduced. Listed below are some of its exclusive features:

  • The hair removal does not involve any cuts as it is done one by one with the help of special instruments
  • The procedure is done with hairs shaved of as it makes the surgeon to remove hairs with ease
  • The basic grafting in both methods is same but results of FUE are better than strip method.

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