Course Fee

The fee for the Hair transplant course depends upon the number of days of instructions and whether there are hands on instructions or not?

Most of the courses are group courses, however if one or two individuals are in the group the then the instructions are considered individualized.

The Hair Transplant Fee Structure is as Following:

Three full days of Training * Fee: $1750


Five full days of Training ** Fee: $3500
Individual Course for 5 Days Fee: $4700

* Three full days of training includes the following:
Day 1: Full day of instructions including Anatomy, Physiology, Etiology and Treatment of Hair loss.
Day 2: Full day of instructions including video presentations, setting up a Hair Transplantation practice and marketing strategies.
Day 3: Practical demonstration: You will watch actual surgery with different techniques, including strip method, FUE and Choi Implanter.
** Five full days of training includes the three days of training as mentioned above and includes two additional days of hands-on training as following:
Day 4: You will learn the strip method of hair transplantation. You will actually perform some of the steps of the procedure under supervision. You will learn how to properly cut and implant the grafts. Choi method of Hair transplantation will also be demonstrated and taught.
Day 5: Whole day will be dedicated to FUE method of Hair transplantation. The techniques of harvesting and implanting will be taught. Again you will harvest and implant the grafts under supervision.

You will also be entitled to bring in three of your patients to our clinic for hair transplantation with our help. This step is added to give you more confidence as you begin your practice. There will be a nominal charge for the use of operating room and you will keep the rest of the fee from your patient.

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